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All You Need to Know About Home Security Camera Systems

Technology has indeed revolutionized the way home security camera systems work and are installed. The old-school analog systems still work, but with the advent of cameras such as IP cameras, the surveillance industry is progressing in leaps and bounds.

You might be among those people that believe in the “DIY” approach. Well, as much as I love DIY equipment, I equally hate breaking it to you that efficient security systems can only be installed by professionals.


Because they know which type of security cameras you need and what are the angles where they’d work best. Simple as that.

However, if you are still averse to the idea of hiring professional surveillance system installers like Hi-Tech Cameras, you need to read further.

1) You wouldn’t want to waste time, of course

Who has the time for following all the thick manuals of the install-it-yourself cameras? And besides, since it is the security of your home, you wouldn’t want to put much at stake, will you? So, whether you are owing a small apartment, or a huge mansion, the time that you’d take to install cameras yourself would be a lot, and you don’t need to waste it at all when you can have seasoned installers right at your doorsteps with just a phone call.

2) It is all the matter of angles

Obviously, there are four corners, we know that. The first thing that comes to your mind when you think of installing cameras yourself is placing them in corners, we know that, too. However, considering the 360 angles and the limitless possibilities of installing cameras by combining these angels, it would only require someone who knows how the field of the camera could be set up such that it monitors a wide range. For example, if you want to monitor your lawn, the camera would be set up at an appropriate height and distance to help you see everything clearly.

3) The type of cameras

Categorically, there are two types of cameras – indoor cameras and outdoor cameras. Both of them have their own uses and limitations. For example, indoor cameras cannot be installed to monitor outside of your house because environmental factors might ruin it. Similarly, outdoor cameras are only better for outdoors; however, some people don’t mind installing them inside their homes.

Function wise, you can find a lot of types of out in the market. Some can give you a 360 view of a place (the PTZ cameras) while others can only rotate or tilt.

Delving further into the types, according to the power source, solar-powered, battery-powered, and wired cameras are available.

The crux of this discussion is that something seemingly so simple can have a lot of details entailed to it; so, based on your needs, it is only you who have the ultimate power of decision. However, as it is the question of the security of your loved ones as well as yourself, home security camera systems should only be installed by professionals only.